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UDAAN EDUCATION RESEARCH FOUNDATION is a non-governmental organisation primarily operating in Barak Valley region of Assam. The organisation has its head office in the Hailakandi. The NGO came into existence with the efforts of a few students studying in Aligarh Muslim University, Jamia Millia Islamiya and JNU of Barak Valley region. Ever since its inception in 2018, UDAAN has toiled tirelessly for myriad of causes and issues pertaining to the Assamese society.

UDAAN primarily focuses on six key areas- Rural Development, Sciene and Technology, Health, Education, Women and Child well-being, and Agriculture. It seeks to revolutionise idea of quality education among weaker (religious and ethnic minorities) sections of the Assamese society as well encourage them morally, financially and logistically to pursue higher education in the best institutions of India. Apart from that, it seeks to address some of the burning social epidemic of the society- dowry system, corruption, usurpation of public funds etc,. We in UDAAN believe that if the already educated and aware youths take up the mantle to work for the betterment of this society, it will do wonders. In future UDAAN aims to venture into many other avenues of the society- public policy advocacy, indigenous people’s rights; being a few of them..


Quiz Competition

Online quiz competition on the occasion of 71st Independence Day

Educational awareness

Educational awareness drive cum school kits distribution program in the occasion of Sir Syed day at Shinning Academy, Algapur-Hailakandi, UERF distributed school kits among poor students.

Educational Empowerment

Symposium on Educational empowerment of South Hailakandi, Assam at Crescent Valley English medium school, Kareechora Hailakandi.


Workshop on how to take admission in central Universities at Synergy Junior college, Hailakandi


An 'Allama Tayibur Rahman Saheb' memorial scholarship will be given to meritorious student or on the basis of competition. Check for the updates!

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Head office Rangauti Pt I P.o-Rangauti II Dist-Hailakandi,Assam Pin 788155


+91 9084334024

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